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What Is It?

Realist is a public-record database that provides in-depth property and ownership data, market information, street and aerial maps, as well as market trends.

In addition to providing quick access to property and owner information, as well as mortgage, foreclosure, past market sale & sales history, Realist also has several great features: Map Search, My Search, Customizable Grid, Trends, and Customizable Comparable Report.

Map Search
The Realist Map enhances your searches by allowing you to visually see the results of your search and zoom in to actual views of the property and its surrounding location.

My Search
My Search enables you to save Searches that remember the attributes you wish to search, as well as the criteria to be searched.

Customizable Grid
Select the columns and the order you want them displayed in the search results grid

The Market Trends tool lets you view market trends that will give you key data for your pricing and listing activities directly on the Map. You can view trends across large areas and you can also get a detail view of actual values for a selected zip code or neighborhood.

Customizable Comparables Report
Customize the criteria used to identify comparables, such as distance from Subject, number or bedrooms and baths, and how many months back
Select which report sections to include such as Map & Summary Statistics

What Does It Cost?

Realist is another free service to our valued GFLR members!

How Do I Get Started?

GFLR MLS participants can sign up through the 'Resources Link' on the Fusion and MLXchange homepage under 'SmartLinks'.

Online Training

Please go to our Education Calendar to check for upcoming courses

Although many of these products do not contain all the Broward County MLS data, GFLR is proud to offer the majority of Broward County MLS data.


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