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Rate Plug

What Is It?

RatePlug is an online mortgage information and comparison service that melds a Lender’s live mortgage information with MLS Property Listing information so that homebuyers can view total housing payments specific to each property listing. Integrated with MLXchange data, the RatePlug Marketing System displays real-time product and payment information from your chosen lending partners into the consumer property reports sent to homebuyers.

What Does It Cost?

RatePlug is another FREE member service as a part of your valued GFLR MLS membership.

How Do I Get Started?

Click here to get started with RatePlug.

On Site Training/Classes

Please go to www.R-World.com to check for upcoming courses

Additional Resources

Top Frequently Asked Questions
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GFLR Agent Program Overview

Video Demos

Although many of these products do not contain all the Broward County MLS data, GFLR is proud to offer the majority of Broward County MLS data.


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