MLS Data Co-op™ by CoreLogic®


MLS Data Co-op™ by CoreLogic®

What Is It?

MLS Data Co-op™ by CoreLogic® is a resource that provides Realtors® with an abundance of features for marketing listings to agents. Your MLS has always been the best way to market your listings, but with Data Co-op, you are able to access a variety of valuable features, all on one screen. Data Co-op provides everything to suit your Realtor® needs: property details, tax information, enhanced mapping search, neighborhood reports and more!

Best of all, this benefit is compatible with all browsers and platforms (desktop, laptop or tablets – including Apple®, Mac® and iPad® products).

What Does It Cost?

MLS Data Co-op™ by CoreLogic® is FREE as a part of your GFLR membership.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit MLX Help page and click the Data Co-op button. Your login information is the same as your MLXchange/Fusion user ID and password.


Realtor® Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale MLS participants can locate the link to MLS Data Co-op within the 'Resources Link' section of the MLXchange homepage under 'SmartLinks'

Online Training

Data Co-op Overview (Video Tutorial)
(You may be prompted to enter your MLXchange/Fusion User ID & Password)

Access MLS Data Co-op™ by CoreLogic for these features:

- Property, tax, sales, deeds and mortgage data
- Listing & Market Activity reports
- Enhanced map interface and parcel boundaries
- Community demographic charts and neighborhood information
- Side-by-side views of foreclosures and listing data
- The ability to search for listings within proximity of “Points of Interest” and major institutions like Schools, Hospitals, Universities, etc.

Additional Resources

Data Co-op Getting Started Guide
(You may be prompted to enter your MLXchange/Fusion User ID & Password)
Data Co-op FAQs
Data Co-op By CoreLogic® Help

Although many of these products do not contain all the Broward County MLS data, GFLR is proud to offer the majority of Broward County MLS data.


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