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Form Simplicity

What Is It?

Florida Realtors® Form Simplicity is a new Real Estate forms application developed by Realtors for Realtors. Are you ready to simplify your forms process and save time?

What Does It Cost?

Form Simplicity is a FREE member service as a part of your GFLR membership.

How Do I Get Started?

GFLR members can sign up at forms.floridarealtors.org.

On Site Training/Classes

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Discover why thousands of Realtors trust and use Form Simplicity every day.

  1. Unlimited faxing of forms through 2011.
  2. Print forms without creating transactions.
  3. Populate your forms with data from your association's MLS database.
  4. Archive your transaction online - no more storage boxes needed.
  5. Revise data on one form and the common fields on all other forms automatically update.
  6. Develop standard forms packages for planned transactions.
  7. Store forms, flyers and documents in one place.
  8. Upload customized files, documents and photos.
  9. Forms updates are automatic.
  10. Web based - no software to install.
  11. Add clauses to a form with one mouse click.
  12. Tech support via phone, chat or e-mail.

Broker Features

  1. Access your agent's transactions.
  2. Create brokerage-wide packages and clauses.
  3. Add your forms into the library.
  4. Control which forms are available to your agents.

Video Demos

To learn how to update your system for Form Simplicity. Click Here


Although many of these products do not contain all the Broward County MLS data, GFLR is proud to offer the majority of Broward County MLS data.



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