Roadmap to a Successful Closing

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Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

• Provide options in the event of failed inspections for Roof, Termite, Electrical, or Building code deficiencies
• Differentiate between closing activities of a conventional contract, a cash purchase and a HUD/VA financed transaction
• Provide options that would lead to a timely closing on a property with a correctable title problem
• Prepare a net sheet for buyer's required cash to close and seller's net proceeds based on a price and terms provided by the Instructor
• Construct a time line outlining every step between contract acceptance and actual closing for each party (Listing Broker, Selling Broker, Buyer, Seller)
• List the options a Broker has in the event of an escrow dispute for deposit(s) they are holding. (4th hour deals with the Closing Statement so the agent can explain it to his or her customer.)



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