Announce My Listing

What Is It?

AnnounceMyListing.com - AnnounceMyListing is an easy way to share your listings on social media sites and HTML email. It’s a must have tool for agents looking to increase website traffic and social media exposure online. We create a listing announcement for both AGENTS and their SELLERS that can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and more. The announcement can be shared on blogs or websites as well as emailed to contacts. We sync the data with the MLS every few hours so wherever it has been shared it is always accurate! Learn more.

What Does It Cost?

AnnounceMyListing is provided to you by GFLR at a deeply discounted member price. Each auto-generated announcement is only 4 Credits – equivalent to $4.00 or less. In order to use the program, you will need to purchase announcements using "credits". To learn more about how credits work, click here. You can purchase credits under the My Account tab when you log into your account.

How Do I Get Started?

GFLR MLS participants can sign up through the "Resources Link" on the MLXchange homepage under "SmartLinks". Once you click on the link, you will be directed AnnounceMyListing where you will find all your active listings. Once on AnnounceMyListing, click the AnnounceIt button to get started.

Online Training

AnnounceMyListing is a simple, self-guided tool that does not require training. When you log into your AnnounceMyListing account, look for the SUPPORT tab across the top. Also, when you edit your listing there are short videos on each page that act as a virtual assistant answering your most frequently asked questions.

On Site Training/Classes

No on-site training is scheduled at the present time.

Additional Resources

A NEW ENHANCEMENT is being launched on November 3, 2014! We are proud to introduce AnnounceMyListing's Email Notifications and Quick Start enhancements designed to:

  • »» Let you know when AnnounceMyListing is available for your new listing
    »» Create announcements in just 2 clicks without logging into the MLS
    »» Share announcements while "on the go" - from your phone or tablet
    »» Simplify the email distribution of the Listing Announcement
Click here for a quick video and slideshow about the enhancement


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