Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® (GFLR) is one of the largest REALTOR® Associations in the State of Florida. GFLR has two locations in Broward County, one in Tamarac and one in Fort Lauderdale. GFLR is an all REALTOR association with no “REALTOR-Associate” members. Founded in 1922, the organization is directed by an elected Board of Directors and managed by a Chief Executive Officer


The mission of Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® is to support Realtor® and Affiliate members and their ability to conduct a thriving business by focusing on superior customer service, developing innovative products and programs, delivering resources and solutions that build industry strength, long-lasting relationships and member success.

A Brief History

GFLR was founded in 1922 by six local real estate professionals and, at the time, was called the Fort Lauderdale Board of REALTOR®. By 1924, the Association had grown to 26 members. It would take twelve more years for the Board to decide to create and install a rudimentary listing service they called the Central Listing Bureau. The rules and regulations were a bit wild by today's standards, but all-in-all, it was the beginning of what would grow into one of the Association's largest assets - Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data.

In 1939, records indicate that dues were $2 a member, and members agreed to split commissions on a 60/40 basis; no cooperation would be given to non-members. By 1941, dues had been raised to $25 a year. The Board held meetings and took stances on key issues such as tax increases and ordinances prohibiting the keeping of wild animals within the Fort Lauderdale city limits.

In the 1940s, the Central Listing Bureau came into its own, requiring one full-time staff person to handle entries and bookkeeping. At the time there were 55 subdivisions in the area covering 10,000 lots.

The 1950s saw several changes to the Association as the membership grew. The professional full-time staff included 15 people whom primarily handled the Central Listing Bureau. By 1955, membership was up to 88 REALTOR® and 412 Associates. The MLS system, as we have come to know it, essentially originated at the end of the decade, with more than 90 offices participating in the data sharing at $5 to post a listing.

The Association's growth in numbers and in services would see an explosion during the 1960s. Real estate schools and local universities were sending students in mass numbers to join and subscribe to the Code of Ethics set out by the NAR. By the end of the decade, GFLR membership stood at 1,528.

The current GFLR East facility opened in November of 1971 to house the more than thirty full-time staff members the Association now employs. In June of 2006, the Association opened a second, 4,200-square-foot multi-purpose location, referred to as the GFLR West facility. Both locations operate as full-service facilities complete with full-time staffs and weekly professional development courses and REALTOR® stores. GFLR is currently one of the largest Realtor® Associations in the country serving members across Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.



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