14 Hours of Continuing Education

Online Classes

(Required each renewal period after your 1st two-years of obtaining your license)

When Does My License Expire?

  1. Go to www.MyFloridaLicense.com.
  2. On the left side, click on Licensee Login.
  3. Log In. On the top right, it will show your license expiration date. This is your deadline for your required continuing education.
  4. NOTE: You cannot take CE courses early, meaning if you’ve completed your required CEs for the current period, you cannot begin taking additional CEs to count toward your next renewal cycle until such time that renewal cycle begin

How to Look Up My Required & Completed Courses in DBPR (When You take any courses that are required to maintain your license through the state, the final recording is maintained here):

  1. Go to www.MyFloridaLicense.com.
  2. On the left side, click on Licensee Login.
  3. Log In. On the bottom right, under Licenses Linked to My Online Services Account, click on your Real Estate License link (in red).
  4. Under Functions, click on View My Continuing Education. In the top section, it will show the required and completed courses to maintain your license. The items in the Shortfall column to the right are courses/hours still required to take. If there is nothing in the Shortfall column, then you have completed your requirements.
  5. On the Main Menu of your login page is where you can pay DBPR by clicking on Pay for Online Applications. This is required before the expiration of your license.

Options to Complete Your 14 Hour Continuing Education:

  1. GFLR On-Site 14 Hour CE Courses: Go to Calendar. You can register for the 14 Hour Continuing Education course. These are offered within the two months prior to each renewal period the end of March and September of each year. This course includes your required 3 Hours of Core Law. There is no final exam for this class. Only 3.5 hours can be missed (or 10% of the class).
  2. GFLR On-Site CE Courses: GFLR offers many CE courses. Complete multiple CE courses that total 14 hours of CE (3 Hours of which must be Core Law). You can sign up for these courses online Go to Calendar. CE courses are noted with # of CE
  3. Online CE Courses: There are a plethora of CE courses that can be taken online through The CE Shop. Go to www.R-World.TheCEShop.com. From there, be sure to select Florida from the drop-down and check off Continuing Education.
  4. Come by either GFLR Office location, ask to pick up the 14 hour book with take-home exam. Take the book and exam home, then return your exam to the Professional Development Department to be graded and recorded.


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